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Silk Scarf Yellow Path

Silk Scarf Yellow Path

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  • Size: 180x90cm Hand rolled hem
  • Technique: hand dye with curcuma and onion skin and mordants
  • Color: honey comb yellow
  • Materials: Habotai 8
  • Handmade in Barcelona - Unique piece

Silk shawl naturally hand Dyed with a natural technique to create a unique print on silk, this scarf is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Introducing the new "Path" collection, a line of hand-painted silk clothes and scarves inspired by the journey of life. This collection is about embracing change and being reborn inside, just like the routes we take and curves we encounter along the way.

Each piece is made with naturally dyed silk using curcuma and onion skin, two sun roots known for their earthy and vibrant tones.

Perfect to use as a big scarf, large head wrap, or a smaller shawl if you'd like to drape over your shoulders. An accessory for all seasons.

Hand painted Silk Scarf, Honey Comb silk shawl, made by hand, naturally dye scarf, made with onion skin and turmeric, mother gift


It can be washed by hand with mild soap, for delicate garments (do not soak) and iron at a low temperature.


Colors may vary, depending on the photograph, or due to the color calibration of your monitor.

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