Introducing the new "Path" collection, a line of hand-painted silk clothes and scarves inspired by the journey of life. Just like the routes we take and curves we encounter along the way, this collection is about embracing change and being reborn inside.

Each piece is made with naturally dyed silk using curcuma and onion skin, two sun roots known for their earthy and vibrant tones. These colors represent the different phases we go through in life, from the warm hues of youth to the deeper, more mature shades of adulthood.

As you wear the "Path" collection, you are reminded to embrace every step of your journey and cherish the moments that feed your soul. Each piece is unique and hand-painted, just like the twists and turns of your life.

Whether you wear the silk scarf as a reminder of your path, or the hand-painted silk dress as a celebration of your journey, the "Path" collection is a beautiful representation of life's ups and downs.

Embrace change and let this collection be a symbol of your journey, wherever it may take you. Remember, it's not just about the destination, it's about the journey along the way.