Our story

Here, artistry and fashion merge to create a unique expression of soul and essence

Hi, I'm Ana! I am a designer, creative, meditator, administrator, and therapist of Energetic Alignment—Sacred Fire. I am also a proud member of the house of the Sacred Feminine—Forest of Arthemis, and I have a basic training in Bodynamic body therapy.

Connection, expression, essence, and love

I believe in the power of careful observation and the movement of the body and mind as a means of connecting with oneself. Casa 106 Atelier emerged from my desire to merge years of experience in the fashion market with a more artistic approach, allowing for the expression of the soul.

  • Naturally dyed silk

    Each piece is made with naturally dyed silk using roots, leafs and other natural residues. These colors, made for the Path collection represent the different phases we go through in life, from the warm hues of youth to the deeper, more mature shades of adulthood.

  • Hand painted

    All our pieces are painted with our natural dies. As we launch new collections, the forms follows the intuition and the results are unique. For the Path collection, different ways of getting from one point to the other are present.

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